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The award winning plan to keep you slim and healthy for life.
Join my VIP ACCESS The Body rescue maintenance plan for just £179
  • Live Q&A Support Calls with Christianne Wolff- Stay on track with my live call support and get personalised feedback so you reach your goals faster than you can imagine and maintain your hot body for life!
  • Fitness Live Streams With Robbie Wood
  • Cookery Live Streams with Christianne
  • Live Yoga with Christianne
  • Themed months- December is all about the skin
  • Private Facebook Group -Support with Gina every day.
  • Community support so you can share wins, ideas and power up your progress by feeding of the group energy. Myself and my team of experts also share additional tips and motivation throughout the week. And contact with us every day.
The Body Rescue maintenance Plan
Self Study £129
for 6 months

The Body Rescue Maintenance Plan
VIP Access £179
for 6 months

What do others think of The Maintenance Plan?

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I can’t praise The Body Rescue Maintenance Plan highly enough! It has been a game changer for me. Having gone through the menopause, I finally got rid of the weight around the middle on The Body Rescue Plan, after trying EVERYTHING before. And I have kept it off on The Maintenance Plan for over 3 years. The online recipes are so delicious, Christianne’s support is amazing on VIP, and it means I can have indulgences at parties, Christmas, Birthdays etc.. with out gaining the weight again. I am very happy and I would highly recommend this to everyone

Ariane Poole – Celebrity Make up artist

I found Christianne’s mentoring and encouragement to eat well and stay fit so inspiring, that I feel healthier and better than ever before and continue to do so on The Maintenance Plan. Christianne’s enthusiam to share her knowledge for a better way of life is invaluable.

Shirely Kemp – Former Wham singer and artist.

In the Self Study Maintenance Body Rescue Plan YOU GET:
  • The Body Rescue Maintenance Plan online book worth £20
  • 9 fitness videos worth £200
  • 1 yoga video worth £20
  • 6 months worth of shopping lists and recipe plans that would take you hours and hours to put together worth £600
  • 4 mindset meditations worth £90
  • Weekly mindset videos worth £300
  • Weekly recipe videos worth £300
  • Motivational Emails every week worth £360
Total worth £1,890
You get it for just £129
Or Sign up to my VIP ACCESS of The Body Rescue Maintenance Plan YOU GET:
  • All of the above worth £1,890.00 PLUS..
  • Live stream videos with me twice a month for 6 months worth £800
  • Live streams Fitness with Robbie Wood worth £800
  • Live Streams cookery, Zumba, Yoga with Christianne worth £1200
  • 70% off Workshops
  • Up to £300 off Retreats
  • PLUS Unlimited access to me and my team of experts on a private group worth £thousands!!!!
Total worth £8,279.00
You get it for just £179!

Plus you also get my Themed Months!


catherine bikini
I lost 2.5 stone in 12 weeks on The Body Rescue Plan and went from a size 16 to a size 10. I then continued to go to a size 8 on Maintenance and lose another stone.

The new lease of life I have been given through using the Body Rescue Maintenance Plan is beyond anything I can put into words.

Christianne’s recipes are absolutely delicious in Maintenance. I can finally see some tone and definition in my body.

I have now kept this weight off for 3.5 years still following the maintenance- this has changed my life forever!

Catherine Huntley, TV Presenter

What do the current VIP Maintenance ladies think after 5 months ?

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***BONUS OFFER I *** PLUS if you sign up by 21st JULY 2021 you will get access to My Book ” Smoothies, Juices and Soup Recipes ” And I have a special section in there on Batch cooking to make your life easier and my 3 day detox for a boost before parties and holidays.

***BONUS OFFER II*** PLUS you will get FREE access to my VIP 3 day Juice Winter Detox, smoothie and soup.

Where I will live stream a workout every day

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***PLUS EXTRA BONUS OFFER III*** whilst a maintenance VIP member you will be able to swap back to VIP Body Rescue Plan when you want!
The Body Rescue maintenance Plan
Self Study
for 6 months

The Body Rescue Maintenance Plan
VIP Access
for 6 months


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